In 2006 The Muskoka Stone Co. officially opened their retail sale yard and started selling fireplaces. It quickly grew into a year round, full service company and 2 short years later, it necessitated the birth of The Muskoka Stone & Hearth Company. In the past 10 years we have enjoyed working with contractors and homeowners.


As the company grows, so does its staff. The Muskoka Stone & Hearth Co started as simply a retail store but now has a full time staff of technicians, drivers and sales people. With a variety of backgrounds and training, we provide superior and unique services.


Combining a stone company with a fireplace company has got our creative juices flowing. One of a kind stone pieces with fire features built in is just one example of what we are doing. We have a large selection of products as well as the tools, equipment, and most importantly the artists to make it happen.


The Muskoka Stone Co. and The Muskoka Stone & Hearth Co. came together to build an outstanding display at the Toronto Cottage Life Show. See our Facebook page for more pictures
Join us this month as we celebrate 10 years in business. We have excellent deals leading up to the long weekend.
With new products arriving weekly and staff building your custom stone products on site, we anticipate this to be our best summer yet.